• IncoSense Smart
    The IncoSense Smart is an incontinence care system
    that provides insight and forecasts
  • Change is coming
    Smart software notifies the caregiver on duty
    and updates your management dashboard
  • Less waste
    With a potential of one-third decrease in cost,
    you can only imagine how much could be gained
  • Improve wellbeing
    We're not only cutting cost,
    but bringing quality to continence care

Urinary incontinence is a very common problem among the elderly. Unfortunately it’s very hard for healthcare facilities to manage. A lack of real time information prevents us from providing the best care possible. Over-saturated incontinence material causes discomfort and risk for the patient, staff and facility. That’s why staff currently carries out changing rounds every few hours.

Research shows that with the current workflow nearly a third of resources is wasted, because the diaper is completely dry or didn’t reach full saturation. This means time and money are being used that could instead have been spent on quality care.


The IncoSense Smart is non-intrusive by design on three critical levels: patient, care-giver and management. It provides insight into incontinence processes and alerts the staff when changing is needed.

IncoSense Smart fully integrates with your workflow. The nurse doesn’t need to perform any extra tasks, your patient is being changed and the status updates automatically with each action.


Innovative sensor

The first sensor that detects incontinence completely externally and shares its data instantly.



The insightful dashboard shows the real-time information you need to manage incontinence care.



Smart software notifies the caregiver on duty and updates your management dashboard.



The API lets you connect your own software for easy integration whilst keeping privacy and security intact.


It's time to change!

Valentijn van EkrisMaurice Hermans
Valentijn van Ekris - Founder / CEO Open Care Group
Maurice Hermans - Founder / CEO Betawerk

Valentijn van Ekris: "I’ve been working as a nurse for nearly 10 years and have a lot of experience with incontinence care. It struck me how much is wasted in incontinence materials and human resources. I believed it should be possible to provide more effective care and improve the quality of life of our patients at the same time.

Research at Zuyd university confirmed the potential of improvement and provided an evidence based context for continence care. I started surrounding myself with professionals in various areas and teamed up with a leading software company specialised in smart services. Due to the combination of specialities we were able to create a non intrusive system that integrates with all aspects of continence care."

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